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                                Fujimi Porsche 911 Cabriolet


 While waiting for supplies to arrive so I can finish the Dodge Charger model, I thought I would make a start on this one, as I have a few Fujimi Porsche 911 models to build, and have always wanted to try my hand at one of Fujimi's enthusiast kits, these kits are full of parts and have full engine detail.

Work started as usual by working on the body, there was a few mold lines to remove along the top of the front wings, and a pretty horrible mark on the right side door, a few apploications of filler soon had the problem sorted, once the body was ready, I gave it a couple of coats of grey plastic primer,


After letting the primer dry, I started on the colour coats, for this I chose a nice light shade of gold, known as Porsche white gold, and decided the interior would be done in a red/brown.



(Below) Seats airbrushed red/brown acrylic

 After polishing out the paintwork, the front windshield rubber was picked out using a chisel edged permanent black marker pen, the side vent windows will be masked off and airbrushed in matt black.

At this stage I started work on the engine, the Enthusiast series Fujimi kits are very detailed, and parts fit is very good as well, making for a more enjoyable build, parts were painted in different shades of silver, using Alclad, Tamiya and Testors paints, and Tamiya semi gloss balck for the other parts.

With the engine built and put aside, work now started on the chassis, this had been painted the same shade of gold as the body, then masked off to paint the floorpan satin black,

The next job was to build up the front and rear suspension, again parts fit was first class.

Although the front luggage compartment won't be seen I still painted the inside of it, it can be cut out and be made to open, but the bodyshell had already been weakened by the break in the windshield frame, cutting out the front luggage cover (Bonnet) would have only made the body weaker. 

The interior was once again masked off so the inner floorpan could be painted, as I was going to be flocking it, the colour wasn't too important at this stage, I chose a chocolate brown flocking which I had to, once again obtain this from the States, one day you will be able to find these products easily this side of the big pong, the trick to working with the flocking is to only do a small area at a time.

Because the 911's door panel is carpeted at the bottom, they were masked off to project the part that needed to stay painted, then I used Solvite border repair paste brushed on then the flocking was sprinkled on and gently pressed down using light finger pressure, and left to dry off for a few hours before the second and final coat was applied.


 Just the pedals and dash to fit and the interiors finished, then there's a couple of decals to fit to replicate the rear speakers, and then it will get a coat of artists acrylic varnish.

 After the decals were added for the rear shelf speakers all the painted parts were given a couple of coats of artists satin varnish.

Next thing to do was the start on the dashboard, this was airbrushed the same red/brown that the interior was painted, then masked off to do the matt black, the centre face level heater vents was painted by hand after all the airbrushing had been done, the decals needed trimming as they are slightly too big to fit into the recesses, it still needs more decals and a little more detailing to finish.

 Other decals were added to the dash, one decal fell apart as soon as it hit the water, but I manage to touch it up as best as I could, after they had all been fitted, they were given a few drops of Walthers Solvoset to snuggle them down into the molded in recesses, 

Once the decals had dried up, they were given a very heavy coat of Tamiya clear (X-22) and the steering wheel and column cowl was fitted, plus the decal for the radio cassette player

Although I didn't cut open the front luggage compartment, mainly due to the body being weakened by the broken window frame, I still wanted to detail the interior of it,

Once the clutch,brake and accelerator pedals had been fitted, the dash could go in, and the front seats could also be fitted after the dash had been installed.


The interior was put aside to dry before putting in the engine, as it has to be turned over to fit the engine, and I wanted to give the glue holding the seats and dash in place to dry off, so I swapped to working on the body, one job I needed to do was to chrome the headlamp bowls as they were fitted before the paint had gone on, but they either needed painting silver, or covered using BMF, I decided to do the harder but more realistic chrome BMF, the one of the right is yet to be done,

The front & rear bumpers needed a bit of masking as most of the rubber moulding are molded as part of the bumper, there are a few small parts on the front bumper next to the front indicators are small seperate parts, but the rest need masking and painting satin black.

Using Tamiya 18mm masking tape cut into thin strips followed by sections of 6mm tape, and airbrushed using automotive satin black lacquer.




 Turned out ok after the tape had been removed


 With the bumpers set aside to dry, I carried on working putting the decals on the engine and fixing the engine in place, which is held in place by three points, one at the end of the gearbox and two on the subframe the engine sits in.


 Next I started work airbrushing the front & rear lenses, they were done using Tamiya clear acrylic's, thinned down properly, they airbrush really nice, the rear was masked off first, as there is a small section that needs to stay clear, this is the reverse lamps, once the clear orange had dried, it was masked off so the clear red could be airbrushed on, once the red had dried all the masking tape was removed and the whole lot was airbrushed using Tamiya clear (X-22)

Just be be a little different and to break up the front of the car with a little colour, the front fog lapms were airbrushed using Tamiya clear yellow, once dry the surrounds were picked up in matt black

To act as reflectors the fog lamp housings were covered in chrome BMF on the inside, a tricky job that had to be using 3 pieces of BMF

The rear of the body where the rear lamp panel will be fixed onto was also covered in BMF, again to act as the reflector

 Now that the front fog lamps have been painted and the inside of the housing covered in BMF, the two now needed to be glued together, as with all parts, I did a dry run without glue to make sure that they would fit together, which unlike a Fujimi kit, they didn't .... there is no positve locating pins or cut outs, so they were fixed together using 2 part epoxy, once fitted to the the bumper, they looked o.k, the front number plate panel was fitted at the same time, again, not a great fit, and the locating holes can been seen at the top of the surround.

 The rear glass was fitted into the top up roof option, I don't think I'll be fixing this to the model once it's built, but I was trying out some new clear parts glue, and wanted to try it out on something that wasn't too important, luckily it turned out fine.

Rear lights fitted (Below)

Front windshield fitted, considering the frame and the quarter vents were broken when I got this model and had to be fixed back together, the glass fitted in the frame pretty well, a few spots of 4 minute epoxy and the glass was clamped into position, then I went round the edge of the glass with some Hypo cement for added strenth

 Rear glass fitted into the convertible hood  

 I tried the hood on the body, which was a pretty good fit, but with all the extra details I've put into the interior, it would be a crying shame to cover it up

Now the body and chassis are finished, it's time to bring the two together, this is where things didn't go to plan, the rear of the chassis has two prongs that are meant to fit into two slots in the rear bumper, the two did fit together, but left the back end looking like it had been jacked up, the only thing to do was to cut off the prongs and fit the rear of the chassis further up into the body, the bottom of the chassis pan still lined up with the sills, the front needed to be held together and fixed using cyano glue and setting solution and plenty of masking tape left on overnight while everything dried up

Wheels were fixed on next, ride height more like a 911 should be

One more problem arose once the body and chassis were fixed, the rear convertible hood wouldn't fit flush with the body at the rear, the parcel shelf was too high, but there was no way it could be fitted any lower, after a long hard thinking session, I decided the only way to correct this was to cut the shelf away under the hood and leave only what can be seen fixed to the back of the seats, once everything was glued into place, no one would be the wiser ...


Work is really cracking on, and the model is close to being finished, the fit of the front bumper was another nightmare and needed a lot of plastic cutting away to get it to fit, luckily all the parts that needed cutting away can't be seen once everthing is glued together.


 And here is where the model is now, 99.9 % finished, with just the wiper blades, interior mirror to be fixed onto the bracket and the front wing indicator repeaters to go on.


Wipers fixed on

 Mirrors were covered in BMF

 With just a few minor touches, this one can be finished, the jobs to do include fixing in place the interior mirror, this was airbrushed satin black then the mirror face was replicated using chrome Bare Metal Foil and was attached using 90 second epoxy, the only job left to do now is fixing the side repeaters into place, these had been airbrushed using Tamiya clear orange, then the body was marked using Tamiya masking tape, the lamps needed to be 21mm from the bottom of the sill and 3mm in from the front door line, and were fixed in place using Tamiya clear (X-22)


Interior Mirror fiixed into place 


 Side Repeater fixed into place, just one more to do and the model is finished ....

 All Finished ......